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New features: Whatsapp trying to upgrade their game in 2022

Whatsapp is trying to upgrade its game in 2022

WhatsApp is embarking on a new service that will allow users to share files up to 2GB in size. According to a report from WABetaInfo, the Meta-owned instant messaging software plans to catch up to Telegram, which currently enables users to exchange huge files of up to 2GB. According to the article, a small number of iPhone users are now being tested with the new WhatsApp function. The iOS beta release version revealed specifics regarding the future WhatsApp functionality. WhatsApp’s file size restriction will be increased to 2GB at a time, according to the update. On the Facebook-owned app, users may now transfer just 100MB worth of data at a time.

The trial is now taking place in Argentina with iOS users. Although the screenshot was taken from an iOS device, the ability to transfer media files up to 2GB is accessible to some beta testers in Argentina who use WhatsApp beta for Android. Exporting WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone is another much-requested WhatsApp function that is in the works. According to WABeta, the business is already working on a feature that would allow users to move their WhatsApp conversations from Android to iOS. WhatsApp chats may now be transferred from iPhone to Samsung handsets, according to the firm.

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WhatsApp has upgraded its app to include full iOS 15 functionality, only days after introducing the new iOS 15-like Contact UI screen. Apple’s iOS 15 operating system was launched in September 2021, however, WhatsApp’s app was never upgraded to properly support the latest iPhone operating system. WABetainfo currently says that version of the programme has official compatibility for the newest iOS release, which includes minor UI tweaks and a slew of new capabilities.

To begin with, WhatsApp now works with iOS 15’s notification system. The app’s notice now includes the sender’s profile photo (or the group chat), as well as the sender’s name and other information. The notice now includes information about whether the sender is responding to your message (which comes in handy, especially in group chats). The app’s navigation bar is another cosmetic modification introduced by the latest WhatsApp version. If there are no UI components near the navigation bar, it now appears completely dark. The same may be said about the app’s settings. However, if there are any UI components nearby, the app’s navigation bar appears the same as previously (icons with a greyish backdrop).

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According to facts given by feature tracker WABetaInfo, the instant messaging programme, WhatsApp, is working on a new tab dedicated to its planned Communities feature that would show all the Communities that a user is a part of. WABetaInfo has also revealed a new feature that allows users to pause and resume voice recordings in the current beta versions. 

Meanwhile, WhatsApp suspended 18.58 lakh Indian accounts in January, according to a monthly report issued earlier this week, based on concerns received from users through its grievance section and the company’s internal methodology to prevent and discover lawbreakers. WhatsApp received complaints from 495 Indian accounts, prompting 285 of them to be blocked, with 24 of them being banned. The bulk of the 18.58 lakh accounts was suspended due to hazardous behaviour recognised by the company’s tools and resources in its app. 

Whatsapp New Updates

Additionally, the website claims that the app is aware that several functions are missing, such as the ability to make link previews, broadcast lists, and the opportunity to communicate with your phone number, and that it plans to address these issues in the future releases. In April of this year, WhatsApp is anticipated to provide updates and changes for Android users, including the aforementioned multi-device feature.

WhatsApp launch 5 feature soon

Is indeed Meta Inc.’s instant messaging app WhatsApp functioning to improve its camera user interface, which gives consumers a great view of what they’re recording, but it’s also resettling and redoing the flash shortcut and introducing a new global voice note player in its variant, which allows users to continue listening to voice notes while switching to another chat. The quick messaging software is currently working on its next big idea, which will allow users to create polls in group chats. According to WAbetainfo, the additional option is now under beta testing, so even those who signed up for beta testing will not be able to try it. 

There’s no word yet on what the Meta Inc.-owned firm wants to do with this new feature, such as if it will have a restricted range of answers, a restriction on the number of polls that may be made at a time, or a time limit on voting. What’s crucial to remember right now is that the instant messaging service is concentrating on creating new features to keep its users interested. For example, the business is working on its much-anticipated response tool, which will allow users to emoji-react to messages. 

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WhatsApp introduces new features to its users regularly. The instant messaging network is working on a new chat function for group managers, according to a tweet from WaBetaInfo. In a future version, WhatsApp plans to include the option for group admins to erase messages sent by other group members. Admins of WhatsApp groups will be allowed to remove anyone’s message without their permission. Users will have more control over group conversations and will be able to delete unsuitable messages. Android customers will notice a remark that says “This was removed by an admin” when an admin deletes a message in the group chat. The functionality will be accessible to users in a future update, as said in the tweet.

In addition, the app is working on a new drawing tool that will allow you to modify, blur, and write in your profile photo, among other things. For Android users, this functionality is in the works. “After installing the latest WhatsApp beta for Android update, WhatsApp is finally intending to offer new features for the graphics editor,” WABetaInfo reports. This functionality of the drawing editor will also operate with videos. You won’t need to use any other applications or third-party apps to edit, write, or blur your image or video anymore because it will soon be accessible in-app for the instant messaging platform.



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