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Google dark theme is now on test runs for even darker101

Google dark theme is now on test runs for even darker101

Google is the most practiced search engine all around the world, and now the google dark theme has been reported to appear much darker by its users.

Google’s Dark theme is an exceptional option available for its users, helping them keep their eyes guarded against all that harm arising from long screen hours. People were using and appreciating it but now Google has reportedly on test runs for making it much darker. 

This will give all its users a sigh of relief if they need ‘all-black’ search screens.It's time to ditch Chrome | WIRED UK

First reported by 9to5 Google, some users have noticed the google dark theme go darker than before, which shows that Google is now slowly working on making its theme darker which possibly will save battery life and be helpful for user’s eyesight.

The report further elaborated that these users have seen the screen go back to the normal grey dark theme after a few moments with that jet-black screen.

People have been using Google dark mode for years on internet browsers like- safari, opera, chrome, etc., and it has been proved to be the biggest life hack, where continuous exposure to the screen’s brightness can be precarious as it reduces the propensity to have a good sleep.

Along with this, some research was held to gather information about dark mode involvement in retaining users, which came out to be more positive than the light mode.  Google Photos to end free unlimited storage from today: Plans, how to check  space and more

The dark theme was first introduced by Google in 2019 in California at Lunabee Studio, where at first dark theme was introduced in android during the meeting between Google I/O and the Apple WWDC, and later introduced for iOS during the WWDC (dark mode was called in Cupertino).

For the longest time dark mode is being hype around the world, readability has become easy, eye strains are lesser, people with low-visibility and sensitive eyes can comfortably use their smartphones. But somewhere down the line initiating a jet-black screen can be a bad idea.

It’s proven science that human eyes can not go for the background or color theme that is in extreme whites or extreme blacks, it is recommended to use #121212 for the dark theme surface color and avoid going for 100% black, and the same theory must be applied to the text color. 

What is a Google dark theme or dark mode?Google Search Is Getting 'Darker' Dark Mode: How it Looks

The word ‘Dark mode’ is used for PCs and ‘Dark theme’ is used for mobile phones. When a person enables the Dark mode or Dark theme in chrome or safari, the homepage, settings, toolbar, and some other pages appear dark instead of that white background.

Why introduce Google dark theme?Google Search Dark Theme Goes All Black For Some Internet Users -  alkhalijimallcom

The question seems a valid one because, before 2019, we all were very comfortably using light mode as our standard screen.

But Google tries to provide the best services to its users, and to execute the same, it gave thought to introducing dark themes as an option to all the users who are continuously working on their screens, or anyone for that matter who uses a screen for much longer hours.

Nowadays, kids are also using smartphones these days to stay updated or just to enjoy their leisure time by playing games on laptops, phones, or tabs. Therefore, having an option to change the screen to dark mode is helpful for the health of every person. 

Continuous use of long screen hours was found to be more prone to small disruptions in day-to-day life such as bad sleeping schedules, bad eating habits, migraine, etc. It may also cause severe life issues like cancer.

Therefore, a dark theme was the need of the time, and it is providing a soothing effect to the eyes after all-day use of the light screen when turned to dark mode. It is also advantageous for people who use their phones before sleeping.

Enabling Google dark theme on mobiles 

On Android

Steps to access Google dark theme are:

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Tap ‘More’ and click on the three dots icon, that can be seen on the top right corner of your screen. 
  3. Select the option ‘Settings’.
  4. Click on the option ‘Themes’, and choose your theme from:

– System Default- Selecting this option will lead you to keep your screen dark when your phone is on power-saving mode.                   

– Dark – Your screen will become black.                 

– Light – Your screen will go back to white background.

On iPhone/iPad 

Steps to access Google dark theme on iPhone/iPad are:

  1. Open Safari or Google Chrome on your iPhone/iPad.
  2. Suppose, if you’d clicked on safari, then click on the icon with three small horizontal lines that can be seen on the topmost left corner of the Google search page.
  3. Now, On/Off the dark mode option to either switch on or off the dark mode.

Now, you can easily have a dark screen available on your Google search page.

Apart from Google’s self-built dark theme option, Apple provides you with the option of turning the dark mode on and off according to your preferences provided as an in-built option, which means the screen will go dark during the night hours and will automatically go white during the morning time

To access the automatic option: Go to Settings > Display and Brightness and then click ‘Automatic’. The thing to note is you can schedule the timings of the dark mode.

Enabling Google dark theme on ComputersHow to Turn On Dark Mode on Google Search

On Mac 

You can open Google on either Safari or Google chrome, whichever option suits you, and to avail, of the dark theme, simply tap on Settings, available at the bottom right corner of the ‘Google search page’. Select the Dark mode and click the On/Off option to switch on or off the dark mode.

On windows 

On one hand, Google Chrome is available with several options for adjusting the background theme for its web pages, which you can select simply by clicking on ‘Customize Chrome’ and considering the option you like.

On the other hand, while talking about the dark theme on Microsoft Edge, Google’s dark theme can be ascertained by below given easy steps:

  1. Click on the three vertical dots icon that is available at the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Open the ‘Settings’ option.
  3. Then, choose the ‘Appearance’ option.
  4. A bar named ‘Customize browser’ will pop up, select the first option i.e.- Theme.
  5. Then, at last, you can simply select dark, light, or default, as per your choice.

Since birth, it has always been seen that humans tend to work in daylight and sleep at night so keep these steps in mind to take your health one step forward.

Hence, the dark mode is making life easy for many years now, it helps one to stay more focused and committed to his/hers’ work. It is mostly available in every application, it has become one of the foremost features making eyes non-watery and life engrossed.



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