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Apple iOS 16: Top updates

At its annual developer’s conference, Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple revealed iOS 16, the next edition of its mobile operating system, iOS (WWDC 2022). The iOS16 update will alter your iPhone’s home screen, alerts, photographs app, and more. Your lock screen will be able to display your favourite photographs, change font styles, and show a collection of widgets for quick access to information. You may change a message you just sent or delete it entirely. You may also mark a message as unread if you can’t react right away and want to return to it later, and many more features let’s have a look.


The ability to modify and send iMessages you’ve just sent out is one of iOS 16’s most important but little-discussed new features. That’s correct. If you often use Apple’s Messages app, you’ll be able to modify or unsend a message after it’s been sent. Users will have up to 15 minutes to delete or amend their messages. It’s unclear if this feature works with Messages app users or whether it would also function if you send a message to someone with an Android smartphone. On iOS 16, you’ll be able to retrieve deleted texts for up to 30 days, according to Apple.

iOS 16 буде представлена ​​6 червня 2022 — що очікувати – Новини України та  Світу | iTechuaMail

Similar to Messages, the Mail app will undergo updates. Users of the Mail app may now schedule emails in advance and stop the delivery of a message before it enters a recipient’s inbox. Even if the user forgets to add anything crucial in their message, such as attachments, the Mail program will recognize it. Another new feature is the opportunity to resurface a message using Remind Later, and Follow Up may remind you to check on an email if you haven’t heard back.

A significant update of the Search feature is also in the works, with improved approaches that will provide you with more relevant, accurate, and comprehensive results. When you start a search, it will immediately pull up recent emails, contacts, documents, and links.


Dictation boasts 18 million monthly users, which is impressive in and of itself. In iOS 16, Dictation has a few new features.

When using Dictation, the keyboard will now remain open, making it simpler than ever to switch from voice to touch as needed. Longer texts will also have punctuation inserted automatically.

Widgets and a new lock screen

Your lock screen, which you access dozens of times daily to check alerts and the clock, is developing its personality. For years, Android phones include a lock screen that may be customized. Customizable lock screens, on the other hand, are a novel notion for iPhone owners. Finally, users will be able to quickly apply different styles and fonts, as well as other data. Consider displaying weather, activity, notifications, and other data as mini-widgets. As with the Apple Watch, long-press the screen to access a variety of lock screen options and find the best settings for you. Depending on whether they’re at work or at home, users may modify their lock screens.

iOS 16 update might bring two huge changes to the way you use your iPhone |  TechRadar

Display that is always on

Before the iPhone 13, there were reports that Apple would eventually incorporate an always-on display that would show the time, date, alerts, and other important information at a glance. Those phones didn’t come with it, but those reports of an always-on display functionality being tested might have been regarding an iOS 16 feature.

According to some evidence, an always-on display might be coming to iPhones in 2022, at least on the new iPhone 14 models. Apple is expected to use an LPTO display, which reduces the refresh rate to 1Hz while not in use (the iPhone 13’s OLED display dips to 10Hz). Display Supply Chain Consultants CEO Ross Young tweeted that he is “expecting” Apple to adopt an LPTO display. A reduced refresh rate is essential for maintaining battery life, probably why Apple hasn’t adopted the function yet.

Text in real-time

This now includes both video and static photos. When you pause a video, the text becomes ‘live’ and may be copied or translated.


Apple Pay - AppleThe Wallet app is getting a lot of updates, the most notable of which is Apple Pay Later. With iOS 16, you may split an Apple Pay purchase into four equal instalments over the course of six weeks, with no interest or additional fees. With Apple Pay Later, you can track, monitor, and replay Apple Pay Later payments right from the Wallet app. When users use Apple Pay to pay at a shop or in their Wallet, they may sign up for Apple Pay Later. Apple Pay Later will be available wherever that accepts Apple Pay, both online and in-app.

Apple Pay Purchase Tracking is now accessible in the Wallet app, enabling you to see total receipts and order tracking information if Apple Pay was used as a payment method.

In addition, iOS 16 will increase Wallet support for Keys and IDs. Users with a digital ID in their Wallet app may use it to authenticate their age and identity in apps that need it. Because Apple values privacy and security, only the information required to complete the transaction will be shared in apps that use it, and users will be able to review and consent to share it using Touch ID or Face ID. Home, hotel, business, and auto keys may all be securely exchanged in Wallet using messaging apps like as Apple’s Messages and Mail, as well as third-party options like WhatsApp.

Apple iPhone as a camera on a Mac.

Forget about Camo if you want to use your iPhone’s high-resolution camera as your Mac webcam. With iOS 16 and macOS Ventura, Apple has made it easy to turn your iPhone into a camera for your Mac. It’s referred to as a Continuity Camera. Isn’t this the most important part? When your iPhone is nearby, your Mac recognizes it right away. It doesn’t even need to be unlocked or awakened. It automatically connects to your Mac. Continuity Camera works with FaceTime, Zoom, Teams, Webex, and other popular video conferencing apps.

Workspace Perspective is another feature that makes use of the iPhone’s ultra-wide-angle camera and image processing to offer you a birds-eye perspective of your workplace. It’s a wonderful way to make unboxing videos. Continuity Camera will be accessible as a feature when macOS Ventura and iOS 16 are launched this September. It will work on any Mac that can run macOS Ventura.


New Apple privacy ad highlights App Tracking Transparency | AppleInsiderWith the introduction of Safety Check in iOS 16, significant privacy changes will be made. This looks to be a direct response to the uproar regarding AirTags and the unwelcome surveillance of persons in abusive domestic situations.

With Safety Check, you may immediately remove access to data, such as location, passwords, and other information, that you previously gave to others. It may erase all system privacy permissions for all applications, secure all communications, and limit FaceTime messages to the device in your hand.

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