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Airtel 5G will launch soon after spectrum auctions, with prices comparable to 4G plans, according to a report.

Airtel 5G will launch soon after spectrum auctions, with prices comparable to 4G plans, according to a report.

Airtel, India’s largest telecom provider, claims that it is ready to roll out 5G services as soon as the spectrum auction takes place and the government grants the necessary permissions. The 5G spectrum auction is scheduled for May of this year. By laying the groundwork for 5G rollouts, the New Delhi-based telecom operator is preparing to compete with Reliance Jio, the country’s largest telco. 

On the sidelines of a physical event on Thursday, the company’s Chief Technical Officer (CTO) informed 91Mobiles that the company would launch its 5G services in India around 2-3 months after the spectrum auctions are completed. He spoke at an event in Gurugram where the telecom provider demonstrated its 5G community. 

Airtel used the 3,500MHz band test spectrum allotted by the Department of Telecommunications to demonstrate an immersive video experience (DoT). Airtel CTO Randeep Sekhon told 91Mobiles that the company’s 5G services would be available within 2-4 months after the nation’s spectrum auction is completed. Sekhon stated that they believe Airtel is well-prepared to launch 5G following the spectrum auction.

Airtel 5G Will Launch Soon After Spectrum Auctions » statusmarketAccording to the Airtel executive, 5G plans in India are expected to be priced similarly to the 4G plans that users are currently paying for. Airtel used the event to demonstrate the high-speed, low-latency capabilities of its 5G network. The operator also displayed a 5G-powered hologram of the cricketer to show off its next-generation network, which was running on an Ericsson 5G Radio in non-standalone (NSA) and standalone (SA) modes over 3,500MHz band test spectrum. 

At an event, Airtel demonstrated the potential of its 5G network speeds. Through the event, the company recreated the stadium experience of Kapil Dev’s 175-run innings at the 1983 Cricket World Cup, India’s first cricket world cup victory. The video recreated key moments from the match, which had no video footage due to a strike by TV technicians and was broadcast in 4K mode. It was played at a high internet speed of more than 1 Gbps and with a latency of less than 20 ms.

However, in the real world, the speed may vary. Airtel demonstrated its 5G community dwell in Hyderabad in January of last year as well. In June, the company also launched its 5G trial network in Gurugram, which will offer speeds of up to 1Gbps during the testing phase. It demonstrated the Airtel 5G network at its Network Experience Centre in Manesar, Gurugram, by displaying an immersive video experience using the Department of Telecom’s 3,500MHz band test spectrum (DoT).

Bharti Airtel Focuses Primarily on Quality, Not QuantityLast year, Airtel collaborated with Qualcomm to expand its 5G network in the country. The first 5G phones were released in India nearly two years ago. We haven’t seen network support for them yet. This presents users with an intriguing choice: 4G phones with high-end specifications or 5G phones with some compromises. When asked about this, Sekhon stated that customers make wise decisions. 

Some are waiting for the 5G rollout before purchasing a new phone. He went on to say that phones should evolve as well and that you would have 5G with the most up-to-date specs. Sekhon believes that 5G will have many applications, but the entertainment component will also depend on content providers’ support. “We will be able to connect to the internet at breakneck speeds, all because of 5G. 

If we want to work from home or watch 4K videos but don’t have a fiber connection, 5G will provide fast internet speeds. “We will require content providers for content consumption as well as a more immersive experience,” he said. According to Sekhon, 5G tariffs in the country are expected to be comparable to 4G tariffs. Jio, like Airtel, announced last year that it is testing its 5G network with speeds of up to 1Gbps. Jio has a long list of collaborators, including Google, Intel, and Qualcomm.

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