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Tesla’s former engineer-designed battery gains European order- 2022

Former Tesla engineer-designed battery gets European order

One of the world’s most high energy batteries, built by a former Tesla engineer for a Bengaluru-based batteries startup, has been scooped up by Eren Group, a European renewable energy firm, for storage applications, according to the startup’s co-founder. According to the co-founder, the invention has opened up the possibility of using these batteries in EVs and solar projects in India. The battery is a crucial exponent of an electric vehicle, and the range it provides on a full charge and the time it takes to charge it determines the vehicle’s success. 

Tesla: Tesla ya es billonaria en bolsa: vale como los 12 mayores  fabricantes de coches juntos | MarcaIt’s specifically essential in solar power projects since solar energy is not available all day and on all days, necessitating storage. According to Siddhartha Bagri, who co-founded Pravaig with Dhawal Vinkay Khullar, Eren Group, led by solar pioneer Paris Mouratoglou, will purchase a 54MWh battery from Pravaig. They’ve been developing an EV prototype for a decade and built a very dense, quick charging battery during that time, he said, adding that it only takes half an hour to charge the battery completely. Furthermore, because it is incredibly dense, it produces more power per atom, proving to be more cost-effective than sodium-ion or aluminium air.

They currently create one of the most energy-dense batteries for automotive applications, with up to 180 Wh per kilo, after 11 years of research and development, according to co-founder Ram Divedi. Pravaig batteries feature a 1 minute reaction time and are developed to European car safety regulations. Pravaig batteries are designed to withstand the worst conditions on the planet, namely Indian roadways. It’s putting its battery expertise to work on large-scale storage solutions for renewables integration and backup power to replace diesel generators. These modular batteries have a capacity of 3.2 MWh and provide 1.5 MW of electricity for two hours in a standard 20-foot container. These batteries have a 20-year life span when used regularly.

These batteries were conceived, built, and manufactured entirely in India. Anirudh Vijaykumar is Pravaig’s chief battery engineer. Previously, he worked as a senior product engineer for Applied Materials, where he designed semiconductor factory lines. He also worked as a senior battery engineer at Tesla when the company was still in its infancy, where he was part of a small team of 12 responsible for developing the batteries for the Model S, X, 3, and Energy Storage Systems. Although the Indian car market is already swamped with two-, three-, and four-wheeler EVs, the near-zero emission vehicles have struggled to gain traction, owing to battery concerns.

Former Tesla engineer-designed battery at Bengaluru startup gets European  orderIn addition, a who’s who of commercial India has launched renewable energy projects and battery solutions, ranging from billionaires Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani to state-owned enterprises. Prevail battery solution provides them with fresh options. Eren Groupe, one of Europe’s significant renewable energy firms, is led by Paris Mouratoglou, the solar pioneer who launched the sector with the first commercial solar panel in 1974. With their JV partners, the group has more than 2.2 GW of solar power in India as Independent Power Producers. More crucially, they have several technologies for India that have been grouped under the name Ekniti India Pvt Ltd.

In a letter to Union Power Minister R K Singh, Mouratoglou claimed that Pravaig’s batteries are on par, if not better, than the greatest in the world. Ekniti will continue collaborating with Pravaig and other government agencies to improve India’s electricity infrastructure. Pravaig is India’s only manufacturer of large-scale energy storage devices. Their Bengaluru plant has an annual production capacity of 2 GWh. They also supply defence and automotive battery solutions, with a 500 MWh yearly manufacturing capability for those critical sectors. Pravaig, which was founded in 2011, is a deep tech firm that is designing world-class goods from the bottom up, intending to produce 2 billion electric vehicles in the next two decades, according to Bagri.

Tesla’s rival Pravaig plans

The Pravaig Extinction is a Made-in-India Tesla competitor that will be available in our market shortly. Pravaig has been in the automotive sector since 2011, when it initially began manufacturing off-road vehicles. It now has a manufacturing facility in Bengaluru, where the Extinction Mk2 production model will be based on the Mk1 prototype. It will be targeted at the B2B sector, with a focus on fleet and commercial operations, where the business sees a lot of opportunities. As a result, there will be no need for a dealership network. Potential clients will be approached by the firm itself. 

A moderate Bengaluru-based start-up wants to create an automobile that would put an end to all cars while competing with Tesla. For an exclusive look at what’s in store, we get behind the wheel of their engineering prototype. Game-changing, disruptive, and paradigm shifts are just a few of the buzzwords used by marketers to describe their new automobiles, features, or even services. But they’ve never been more true than they are right now. With the arrival of the electric car, the automobile industry has been shaken to the point that the world’s best-selling EV is now manufactured by Tesla, a business that didn’t exist two decades ago, rather than any of the century-old giants. 

How Pravaig Dynamics Is Contributing To India's much-vaunted EV futureThe Extinction vehicle is an engineering prototype that they were able to test drive in Bengaluru. Driving a prototype is usually an exciting experience, and this one was no exception. When it comes to aesthetics, the Extinction, unlike earlier prototypes, has a fully stylized body with no concealment; after all, it’s supposed to bring attention to the firm and its work. The automobile appears to be a garage effort in the flesh, but its lines are intriguing, and it’s quite the looker. While the final car will be a four-door with a taller top, Dhawal Vinayak Khullar, the COO and one of the founding members, claims the existing car’s edgy spirit and look will stay.

Pravaig is also considering using considerably fewer pieces in the car’s construction. Not just to save expenses but also to minimize complexity and hence the risk of failure. While the dashboard mounting bar in other automobiles is merely a robust hollow beam, it will serve as an air duct for the front AC vents in the Pravaig. This entire business is a lot of intelligent people with clever ideas and strategies, which pretty much covers it up. It’s all very exciting, and I’m looking forward to driving the production car, which should arrive in approximately two years, based on the Extinction’s existing state of development.

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