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Ukraine Russia war 2022 : Should NATO help Ukraine against Russia?

Should NATO help Ukraine?

What is NATO?
North Atlantic Treaty Organization, known as NATO, is a military alliance formed in the year 1992 by 12 countries. It is an international organization working to protect the member states from armed attack. It includes powerful countries like the US, France, Canada, and the UK.

All the members have come together to aid one another at the time of armed attack against any one member state. Its original aim was to counter the threat of post-World War II situations.

Should Nato help Ukraine?

In the year 1955, Soviet Russia responded to NATO by creating its military alliance of eastern European countries, called the Warsaw Pact. In the year 1991, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, many countries turned their sides and became NATO members. Currently, the alliance has 30 members.
The Headquarters of NATO is located in Brussels, Belgium.

Role of NATO
1. The main role of NATO is to protect the security & freedom of its member countries.
2. NATO safeguards values of personal liberty, rule of law, peaceful resolutions, and democratic values.
3. There are forums provided, in which, countries from North America and Europe can consult together, about issues of security.
4. Another purpose is to enhance the stability and freedom of its members.
5. Commitment of the treaty is to defend its member states against wars and terrorist groups.
6. In the modern world, NATO is standing for peace, harmony & equality for all.


Is Ukraine a NATO member?
No, Ukraine is not a NATO member country yet. Though, Ukraine is a partner country, which means that it can join NATO in the future.

Members of NATO
The members of NATO are Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Montenegro, the Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the U.S.

What is the issue of Russia with NATO and Ukraine?
Russia has always been against the former Soviet Union Republic Ukraine joining the NATO alliance. The US and its allies have already refused to bar Ukraine from joining NATO.

Russia has asked NATO to cease its military activities in Eastern Europe, claiming that the Western powers are using the alliance to intrude on Russia.

NATO has rejected this, saying that only some of its member states are sharing a border with Russia.

What is NATO doing about the Russia-Ukraine crisis?
US President Joe Biden has said already imposed severe sanctions on Russia. Russia is a large exporter of grains, crude oil, metals, timbers, etc. Sanctions have impacted global trade as well. Companies like Apple, Nike, etc. have abandoned the country because of which its commercial relationship with the West has been broken.
The United States has sent 3,000 troops to Poland and Romania. All the NATO allies and troops are on alert. But, there are no troops present within Ukraine.

Nato Ukraine Russia war
The United Kingdom has sent 2,000 short-range missiles to Ukraine. However, The US has also sent weapons including anti-tank missiles and Stinger aircraft missiles to Ukraine.
Other NATO members are also sending fighter jets and warships to Eastern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean.
The President of France Emmanuel Macron had visited Ukraine and Russia and met the respective leaders to avoid war. He had a telephonic call as well for negotiation between US President, Joe Biden and Russian President, Putin.

Should NATO interfere?
Ukraine is just a partner country in NATO and not a member. Therefore, NATO is not bound to help them.
Various members and even the US President, Joe Biden, has said that, “There is a world war when Americans and Russians are shooting against each other.” So, if NATO intervenes, there are chances of a world war. The World War affects the world at large.

NATO has already rejected imposing a no-fly zone over Ukraine because NATO planes will need to fire anti-radiation missiles known as ARMs at installations on Russian territory. Russia can declare war on NATO member states too.

However, we see the NATO members are helping Ukraine by providing all kinds of weapons. So, they might not  directly interfere, but they are indirectly helping the Ukrainian government and people.

Right now, it is hard to say whether Russia will declare a full-fledged war or not. However, this invasion is the biggest military attack in Europe after the World War II.

Likewise, there is no certainty about NATO interfering in the crisis. It might or might not interfere based on the circumstances. But, till now, NATO has refused to directly intervene in the crisis of Russia and Ukraine.



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