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Covid 19 – China imposes lockdown amid new outbreak

Covid 19 – China imposes lockdown amid new outbreak

China’s average Covid-19 frequency surpassed 1,000 for the first time in two years after a highly contagious omicron strain spawned outbreaks on a pace only witnessed at the inception of the epidemic. China‘s National Health Commission announced 476 new domestically spread Covid-19 cases on Saturday. According to Xinhua, 159 cases were noted in Shandong, 134 in Jilin, 35 in Tianjin, 33 in Guangdong, 30 in Shaanxi, 23 in Zhejiang, 22 in Hebei, 20 in Jiangsu, and the other cases were noted in seven other provincial-level areas.

China imposes lockdown in industrial centre amid new virus outbreak dgtl -  Anandabazar

China, on Friday 11th March, imposed a lockdown on the city’s 9 million citizens due to a massive increase of COVID-19 cases in the northeastern city of Changchun. Non-essential businesses have been shuttered, and transit connections have been affected, so people are being told to sit at home and then go through three sessions of mass testing.

It’s worth noting that, following the breakout of COVID in Wuhan in 2020, China was the first country in the world to enforce a lockdown in the city, which was further questioned about the virus’s genesis. Following primary signals that authorities may take more focused steps, the latest lockdowns, which also comprise Yucheng in Shandong’s eastern region, show China is sticking to the tough stance it has taken against the epidemic for the past two years.

China reported 397 new cases of local transmitting on Friday, with 98 of them in Jilin province, which encompasses Changchun, the country’s automotive manufacturing hub. Over 1,100 cases have been reported all over the province since the epidemic started late last week. Many Chinese localities have returned to cancelling major events, sticking to their “zero-tolerance” policy. Citizens are being subjected to mass testing once again, and face-to-face lessons are being put an end from schools. 

Again with the growing epidemic, China seems to have more infected people without showing signs than those who are affected by the virus, which is probably due to omicron’s reduced infectivity and China’s mass vaccination campaign, which has seen well almost 90% of the country’s 1.4 billion people completely inoculated with locally developed vaccines and more than one-third increased. 703 of the cases on Friday were asymptomatic.

Furthermore, officials in the northeastern region of Jilin, which neighbours Russia and North Korea, have rushed to create three tent hospitals with a total capacity of 1,200 beds in response to an epidemic. Meanwhile, officials in Shanghai, which is dealing with the pandemic’s biggest epidemic, are evaluating kids from kindergarten through college. The city has mainly avoided using sweeping measures like lockdowns that are usual in smaller areas, but the rising outbreak may put this more tailored approach to the test. 

China imposes lockdown in industrial centre amid new spike in Covid cases

While other countries of the world eliminate pandemic barriers and start opening, Beijing has committed to continue to Covid Zero, keeping China isolated. Nonetheless, there is evidence that health authorities and scientists in the country are at least discussing how to exit the method and deal with the virus as an endemic. Last month, China authorized Pfizer Inc.’s antiviral medication Paxlovid, which many saw as proof of that strategy.

The Covid Zero approach, which probably kept China virus free throughout most of the epidemic, is now failing as omicron routinely bursts around one of the world’s most strict remaining containment measures. Covid’s widespread presence in the country’s major cities, notably the financial centre Shanghai, makes it impossible to implement the tough but inconvenient measures that authorities are increasingly employing, such as lockdowns.

On Friday, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang desired that the globe should cooperate more intensively to establish the circumstances for a comeback to normality following the epidemic. He said authorities will seek to make China’s reaction more methodical and targeted, as well as preserve the regular running of ordinary living and supply chains, during a news conference celebrating the end of the yearly National People’s Congress in Beijing.  

COVID status around the world

On Thursday, Germany announced a new peak for coronavirus infections as the government prepared to relax most of the current restrictions. Germany announced 262,752 new illnesses, up 52,079 from the previous week, with the seven-day incidence rate increasing to 1,389 infections per 100,000 people, up from 1,319 the day before. A total of 259 persons perished, raising the total number of persons killed to 125,023.

Grave concern': Covid cases soar in Germany, World News |

Research published on Thursday showed that Covid-19 cases were rising amongst some of the over-55s in England, with more social interaction, fading booster protection, and a much more infectious sub-variant of Omicron likely driving a spike in hospitalizations. The remaining coronavirus limitations in England were relaxed in February, and an obligation to self-isolate after testing positive for the virus was repealed. 

COVID-19 occurrence declined by 26% across the Americas last week, while fatalities from the virus fell by nearly 19%, according to the Pan American Health Organization, though it advised that certain successful methods to prevent infections should be continued. Throughout that time, the region had 1.1 million new infections and 18,000 COVID-related deaths.

China escalates fight against new Covid outbreak and US blame game |  Financial Times

Ontario, Canada’s most urban area, said on Wednesday that masking restrictions for most indoor locations will be phased off later this month and that almost all Covid-19-related health care measures will be phased out by the end of April, claiming the decreased risk of the pandemic.

On Saturday, India‘s daily Covid-19 stats remained below 5,000, with 3,614 persons testing positive with the virus in the last 24 hours, according to statistics supplied by the Union ministry of health and family welfare (MoHFW). According to the figures, the total number of infections in the country has already reached 42,987,875. The stats also showed that 5,185 patients were recovered at this moment, bringing the total number of cases recovered to 42,431,513. There were further 89 deaths as a result of the incident, bringing the total death toll to 515,803. Active cases, on the other hand, continued to plummet, and now total 40,559, down from 42,219 a day earlier, a drop of 1660 cases.



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