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Twitter podcasting platform

About Twitter

Twitter is one of the most trending social networking sites launched in 2006, by co-founder Jack Dorsey. On this platform, people communicate news and short messages through “tweets”. It is a mixture of social media, blogging, and texting. On average, 100 million users tweet every day.

Twitter started as an SMS-based platform with a limit of 140 characters. The primary purpose of Twitter is to spread information quickly.

It has every personality available on the platform, including ordinary people, celebrities, industry professionals, politicians, reporters, comedians, friends, etc.

Why Twitter is popular?

It is an interactive social media site, and its main purpose is to engage people and allow them to share their thoughts with the public.

You can track hundreds of personalities and read their content and thoughts. Twitter works at restricting things to be scan-friendly. The size restriction has made it a popular social tool for every age group.

How does it work?
You can post 140 character status updates known as tweets on twitter, that can be seen by anyone. You can also link other articles or videos in their tweet.

You just have to sign up with a free account and a Twitter name. After which, you can send tweets daily. Twitter is used as a broadcaster or receiver. You can retweet the tweets that you like on your feed.

It is simple to use. You can check out trending topics, news, etc. You can use it for marketing, spreading your thoughts, or simply for your amusement.

Why do people Tweet?

Individuals send out tweets for a wide range of reasons other than sharing their thoughts: vanity, attention, promotion. By far, most of the tweeters microblog casually. It’s an opportunity to shout out to the world and revel in the number of individuals to read their tweets.

Notwithstanding, a developing number of Twitter users convey helpful messages, and that is the genuine worth of Twitter. It gives a surge of speedy updates from companions, family, researchers, news columnists, and specialists.

Twitter has a great deal of drivel, and yet, there is a base of helpful news and knowledgeable content. You will have to choose which content is worth the most for you.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is a form of broadcasting through audio on the internet. Podcasting is high in demand right now. It can be listened to, anytime and anywhere. It is a medium that does not require all of your audience’s engagement like a video or a blog post.

The new generation is very fond of podcasts. Gen Z and millennials have made listening to podcasts a part of their daily routines. This habit has made the podcasting industry quite popular these days.

Cause for the sudden emergence of podcasts

Podcast is not a completely new medium and is in existence for a while, but has only recently gained attention. It seems like the younger you are, the more likely, you’ll be listening. Nearly 50% of Gen Z listens to podcasts offered by Spotify. But the most popular podcast platforms among Gen Z are:

1. Spotify (47%)

2. Apple Podcast (16%)

3. YouTube (10%)

There are various other kinds of podcasts provided by the podcasters on their private platforms. The popularity of podcasts is only increasing and has various key factors driving it to be.

Due to the pandemic situation, podcasts were revealed to be a great source of community building. Podcasters built various communities to engage and grow their listenership, but that is nothing but a simple strategy to increase download numbers.

Podcasts provide the listener the benefit of browsing through various topic-based content they want at nothing but a free account. Whether they want to kill time with a murder mystery or need an escape with a fictional story, there are podcasts available on every topic. Being a content-driven platform, you can find over 45 million topics to choose from.

Twitter podcasting platform

Podcast popularity has made platforms strive to captivate the audience. The rivalry against Spotify and Apple Podcast for the first place is undeniable but recently Twitter also hinted to its audience about the possibility of podcast rooms.

Jang Manchun Wong on March 2, 2022, stated on the platform-

“Twitter is working on introducing the Podcasts tab.”

Twitter is managing the development of a new tab in its navigation bar, assigned for podcasting.

The audience rather has a mixed reaction to this potential addition. Many users welcome the service and speculate that this new feature will be titled under the ‘Twitter Spaces’. Whereas other masses believe that it is an unnecessary complex.

Twitter launched the audio rooms named Spaces in 2020. This feature allows the user to create their chatrooms where the audio can be recorded and be accessible to them.

Spaces is still an ongoing project and recorded spaces are moreover similar to the podcast, albeit only temporary ones, which have the momentum of 30 days.

If Twitter launches the podcast feature, users would have access to the audio files around the clock. They can also listen to live space and meet up with the time set for it. Also, they can sort between the podcast just like the other platforms.

If Twitter plans on launching this new feature, it’ll help its community to grow further, and deliver better audio sharing features.



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