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Tata’s Plan for a better future: Solar power plant for 25 years


India’s multimillion conglomerate empire ‘TATA GROUP’was founded by Jamshedji Tata in 1868. Since its emergence, Tata has had affiliates like Air India, Tata Chemicals, Tata Communications, Jamshedpur FC, Tanishq, Voltas, Tata Projects Limited, Titan, Trent, Indian Hotels Company Limited, Taj Air, Cromā, Starbucks, etc. 

The company has always strived for a clean and green source of energy. It was the first company to set up India’s first steel scrap recycling plant in Rohtak, and carbon dioxide was captured from Blast Furnace Gas. With 107 years of track record, the company provides world-class safety and excellence to light up the lives of generations to come. The corporation also has been the first steel producer to join the Sea Cargo Charter (SCC) to reduce ‘Scope 3’ greenhouse gas emissions in ocean trade. The company is pursuing 2GW of solar and hybrid capabilities annually to produce more than 25GW by 2030.

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Solar Power Plant

The plight of living in the modern world comes with many disadvantages. One is the deteriorating condition of our environment. With global warming and deforestation, we as humans have to start working towards a greener and healthier environment. One of the clean options for generating electricity is solar power plants; they are pollution-free and cause no greenhouse gases.

Due to retrieving energy from the sun even during cloudy days, it reduces dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuel—return on investment, unlike paying for utility bills. Solar panels are low maintenance, and they could last up to over 30 years. With an increase in the installation of solar power, it creates employment for solar panel manufacturers, solar installers etc. They produce enough power to light up homes or buildings. The energy produced can be stored in the batteries and is also safer than traditional electric current. To promote a clean way of living, the government provides tax incentives, rebate programs and federal grants to help with the initial cost of the installation of the solar power plant.


TATA Solar Project 

Tata has always strived for renewable sources of energy that can change the future and impact the climate in the best way. With the announcement that Tata is planning to install a solar power plant. It is a milestone for the company towards sustainability and commitment to exploring clean energy. 

Recently Tata Steel collaborated with TATA Power, and the firm set an agreement for 25 years to set a 41MW solar project in Odisha and Jharkhand. This project will be a mix of rooftops and floating and ground-mounted solar power. It is believed that this project will help save 45210 tonnes of CO2 per year and 1057021 tonnes during its lifetime, which is 25 years.

TataUnder the project, the company will develop rooftop PV with 7.57MWp capacity, floating solar panels with a capacity 10.80MWp, and ground-mounted with 3.6MWp. One of the sites selected for the installation of solar panels will be at the Sonari Airport, while Kalinganagar will have about 9.2MWp PV capacity for the solar panels. It is believed that these solar panels can produce more than 6,00,00,000kWh in the first year of their installation alone. 

Sharing the news about the collaboration with the media Dr. Praveen Sinha, CEO & MD, TATA power, told the press that he is happy to collaborate with Tata Steel and help them in n their mission to reduce carbon footprint. Dr. Sinha also claimed that the corporation works towards clean energy every day. Though Tata Power has collaborated with them previously on many occasions, this project is a shared vision for a better tomorrow. Dr. Praveen said that the team is excited and enthusiastic to work with each other.

T. V. Narendra, CEO and MD of Tata Power, spoke about the recent collaboration. He said that the company’s core principle was always sustainability and will remain so. They have taken several steps to reinforce their sustainability credentials. He also talked about how past projects on generating power from solar plants have started working in certain locations.

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