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Crypto ‘Airdrop’ in Ukraine – Peaceful World Token Scam


Cryptocurrency is a digital currency invented as a medium of exchange without any authority like the Government. Cryptocurrency doesn’t exist in physical type (like paper money) and is often not issued by a central authority. It generally uses decentralized control against a central bank digital currency (CBDC). Once a cryptocurrency is minted or created before the supply by an institution, it’s typically thought to be centralized. Once enforced with sub-urbanized management, every cryptocurrency works through distributed ledger technology, generally a blockchain, a public money group action information.


In cryptocurrency business, an ‘airdrop’ can be called a selling stunt involving causation coins or tokens to notecase to push a cryptocurrency. 

In a hypothetical scenario, a brand new digital currency ‘X’, is to be launched and to bring all the eye from the community of the crypto world, the platform that the token belongs to announces a giveaway of a particular quantity of tickets reciprocally of registering with their organization. Once the initiation starts, then a selected few lucky people get the aforesaid amount described above is discharged. 



On February twenty-four, The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, declared that Russia couldn’t “safe, develop and exist”, claiming that there’s an excessive amount of western influence on Ukraine, and a contemporary Ukraine may be a threat to Russia. After the release of the statement, many important buildings were attacked in Ukraine warplanes have attacked significant cities in Ukraine. Russian forces have confiscated Kherson’s management of an essential dock in the south.

Help poured from everywhere around the world to Ukraine. The Ukrainian Government used shattered two cryptocurrencies notecase addresses in its Twitter to accept donations in the digital currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT. It’s tough to trace. The UN agencies own these wallets, and it’s alleged that the Government had received a whopping US$37 million in donations. Because of that, the Government and determined to organize an airdrop bringing to donors that have contributed. It has become a tool for the Government to quickly receive donations from the world.

After this huge outpour of donations from the world, The Ukrainian Government proclaimed that they’re currently accepting the donations of Polkadot and that the entire world came along once more to support Ukraine after Putin’s military strike. Gavin Wood, a co-founder of Ethereum and also the creator of Polkadot blockchain, given $5 million in Polkadot native currency to support Ukraine  

The Government claimed to bring it through a tweet early Thursday at 6:00 pm, however, just a few minutes before the airdrop. The Ukrainian prime minister declared through its official Twitter account that the airdrop had been off. Instead, they’ll be cathartic NFT to support. Instead of helping the Government, some donators demanded soliciting for a refund. They even went as far as accusing the country that it’s organizing a global carpeting pull. However, after this, many came forward supporting the choice.  



Transfer of funds anonymously through Crypto is easy. However, there are severe drawbacks. Scammers have tried to scam people posing as an official from The Ukrainian Government. The Scammers listed the token on Uniswap Exchange which may be a sub-urbanized exchange, as the support pour. The ticket jumped to 5344% in twenty-four hours. Owning to the scam, the Ukraine government created over $8 million.


Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there has been a significant loss of life and property. Therefore, the Ukrainian Government has been soliciting for facilitating through a totally different medium. It is being anonymous and sub-urbanized, making it helpful during a war. During the second meeting between the officials of Russia and Ukraine, they agreed on opening a humanitarian passageway to evacuate citizens and non-citizens. 

Edited by Prakriti Arora



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