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Coronavirus disease is an infectious disease. On February 11, 2020, WHO named it COVID-19. The only way to protect ourselves from this infection is to maintain distance from others, i.e. social distancing. The whole world is facing a problem due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

The Director of the World Health Organization (WHO) on March 30, determined that the outbreak of COVID-19 requires a Public Health Emergency of International Concern and issued the interim guidance for quarantines of individuals.

E-commerce, also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce, means the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet. E-commerce had been gaining a lot of success, all over the world and also, in India before COVID-19 happened.

Before the pandemic, people were interested in shopping online and had convenience in buying everything, be it groceries or clothes, etc. The pandemic has directly affected the e-commerce industry as it involves the interaction of one person with many other individuals. E-commerce has faced difficulty due to all the challenges mentioned below.


Due to the COVID-19, the e-commerce industry is facing a lot of challenges such as :

1) Due to the pandemic and lockdown in certain countries, including China, the progress of online purchasing has gone off-balance, as there are restrictions on eligible items.

2) Many delivery agents test positive for COVID-19 due to which, people fear placing orders online now.

3) The pandemic has created a shift in the way consumers behave and carry out their activities, which adversely affects the e-commerce industry and its profits.

4) There has been a decline in sales of fast-moving consumer goods, since the lockdown.

5) Another major problem is that, due to COVID-19, there is a shortage of staff, due to which, it is difficult for companies to complete the orders.

6) Also, the companies like Amazon and Flipkart had suspended deliveries of certain goods to certain places.

7) The companies have to ensure proper sanitization and packaging of the goods which add up to the cost but they can’t ask the consumer to pay for it. Therefore, it adds up to their expenses.

8) Food delivery companies like Zomato and Swiggy have also started the facility of contactless delivery to ensure safety. Earlier, a delivery agent was tested positive for COVID-19 due to which 72 families had to be quarantined. Therefore, this makes people order less at the time of high number of COVID cases.

As we know the COVID-19 is an infectious disease that can spread due to human interaction. Therefore, the only tact to control it is social distancing, which also somehow affects the e-commerce industry because one delivery agent may deliver goods to several people.

Thus, the risk of transmission of this disease increases due to which the e-commerce companies have kept limited staff, and also, people fear placing orders due to the same reason. For this reason, the Government has started the delivery of essential commodities to people to ensure proper sanitization and safety. E-commerce industries are facing numerous challenges as mentioned above due to this pandemic.

E-commerce had attained great heights before COVID-19 as people prefer online shopping over window shopping. Several people cannot go out to buy goods and services so hence, they shop online. But this pandemic has reduced all of it, which has resulted in lesser profits for the e-commerce industry. COVID-19 has not only affected human life but also the economy of the country. One of the highest affected sectors is the e-commerce sector because it has limited staff, limited delivery options, limited orders, and more expenses now.

E-business refers to all the aspects of operating an online business, it is specifically referred to, as a transaction of goods and services. In a survey, many people have shown belief that after this pandemic, e-commerce has the potential to regain its success back.



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