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Breaking News: AirIndia declined by Ilker Ayci


AirIndia was initially named “TATA Air Services” and later modified to “TATA Airlines”, which was based by J.R.D Tata. Post Independence, it was once more renamed as “AirIndia”, turning into a public limited company because the Government now controlled forty-ninth per cent of the airlines. In 2018 the Government needed to sell the airlines; however, no non-public entity showed interest, but, as per EOI, the new owner would have taken the debt of US$4.4 billion.



In Sept 2021, the government-issued contemporary tenders for merchandising the airlines, wherever Spice Jet’s Ajay Singh-led syndicate and Tata Sons, showed interest within the bid. Finally, on January 27 2021, Air India, at the side of its affordable carrier Air India specific and half of AISATS, a ground handling company, were sold for ₹18,000 crores (US$2.4 billion) to non-public restricted, a Tata Sons’ SPV. On January 27 2022, the airline was formally bimanual over to the Tata cluster. 


TATA Group, on February 14, declared Ilker Ayci as the appointed Chief Officer and Managing Director of Air India. But, he shortly declined the position stating, “news in some section of Indian media is attempting to paint my appointment with undesirable colours. As a man of affairs United Nations agency has continuously prioritized a skilled philosophical system. I have ended that it might not be possible for an Associate in an honourable Nursing call just to accept the position within the shadow of such narrative.”

Ayci’s appointment raised several eyebrows within the country, given the political question between the two nations. Ayci is claimed to be a friend of Turkish President Recip Tayyip Erdogan. Turkey has been supporting Pakistan at the Organization of Muslim Cooperation and about the human rights scenario in Jammu and Cashmere, acquisition the ire of the Indian Government.

Remain grateful to Chadrasekaran: Ayci on declining Air India CEO role.  Full text - BusinessTodayReasons for declining the offer

One of the explanations for declining the offer might be pressure from RSS affiliate Swadeshi Jagran March. They mentioned that they believed that the Government won’t sanction Ayci and needed AirIndia to be led by somebody of Indian origin. Before SJM raised the difficulty, there have been reports that the previous chairman of the Turkish Investment cluster supported clusters and personal agencies like terrorist groups per the investigation by the Turkish anti-corruption court.

As shortly as the news of the appointment of Ayci became, several public pilots took to Twitter to share their reactions. A Turkish pilot tweeted, “Dear@PilotsIndian colleagues. Please don’t let your new @airindian chief operating officer handle any union matters. he’s extremely trained to govern, to divide, and to overcome.” Another person from the international flights mentioned that if somebody had been from Tata Sons, he would have made public all the explanations why Ayci wasn’t the right person for the task.

Many analysts were aforementioned that Ayci saved his face by declining the task. Some quoted that “Ayci’s call was honorable. He has saved himself and therefore the Tatas embarrassment had the govt. not cleared his appointment from the safety angle. By doing this he has conjointly won the sympathy of the many.”

Next Step

After Iiker Ayci rejected the position of Chief officer and decision-maker of AirIndia, Tata is currently set to announce a replacement chief operating officer and MD. The cluster went back to the list of different equally qualified candidates for a replacement to Ayci they’re keen on not wasting longer on the appointment. The board and chairman are going to be declared shortly when the chief operating officer announcement,” a politician with direct data of the matter. When the appointment of the set position, the board of administrators also will be declared.

Recently, Tata Sons chairman N Chandrasekaran mentioned that the cluster needs to expand the AirIndia network, modernize its fleet, improve its client service, and create the world’s most technologically advanced airline. Officers say the new CEO’s focus space will be the modernization of the airline’s fleet to expand each domestic and international sector. They no longer wish to delay the process to restart AirIndia with complete dedication and restore its past glory. 

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