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PM Modi made Kashmir ‘crown of India’ after revoking Article 370, says Amit Shah

According to Amit Shah, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made Kashmir the ‘crown of India’ after revoking Article 370.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah, while addressing an election rally in Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh, said that “PM Modi made Kashmir the “crown of India” after revoking Article 370”.

Shah commenting on Samajwadi Party (SP), said that Akhilesh Yadav wears spectacles of two glasses: one for religion and the other for caste. 

Addressing the election rally in Ghazipur, Amit Shah said, “Akhilesh Yadav said that there will be a bloodbath if Article 370 is revoked. We revoked it, nobody even pelted a pebble, let a lone a bloodbath, PM Modi made Kashmir the crown of India.”

Article 370What is Article 370?

Article 370 of the Indian Constitution provided a special status to Jammu & Kashmir, which means parliament needs approval from the J&K government to apply any law except in the cases of defence, finance, foreign affairs, and communications. Government cannot impose a financial emergency on J&K under this article.

Under Article 370, citizens from other states cannot buy any property in Jammu & Kashmir.

Revocation of Article 370

In February 2019, more than 40 Indian soldiers were killed in the Pulwama attack.

On 5th August 2019, the Indian government announced the revocation of Article 370 of the constitution. BJP government said it is a long-overdue measure that can stabilize the situation.

A bill has been passed by both the Houses, i.e. Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, splitting Jammu & Kashmir into two parts. One will be known as Jammu & Kashmir, with a state legislature. And the other is Ladakh, which will be ruled directly by New Delhi, the capital of India.

After the revocation of Article 370, a key provision was added in the form of Article 35A, which gives special benefits to the citizens of Jammu & Kashmir to have permanent residents, government jobs, etc., as it is the only Muslim-majority state in India.


Kashmir no longer has a different constitution, and instead, the same Indian Constitution will be applicable there too. All the Indian laws will be entirely binding for the citizens of Jammu & Kashmir as well. The government says that it will bring development for them as well.

As we all know, India is a democratic country. By revoking Article 370, now, the whole country is democratic.

This move of the government will make Kashmir democratic as well, which means the right to choose their representative by-election, equal laws will be applicable as other states.

The government plans to break up the state into two smaller territories that will be federally administered. One region will include Muslim-majority Kashmir and Hindu-majority Jammu, and the other is Buddhist-majority Ladakh, which is culturally closer to Tibet.

Owing to different laws, it was impossible for citizens out of the state to buy land and property. But revoking 370 has given the right to purchase land and property.

Criticism of the article

A lot of people, including the opposition, have criticized this decision of the BJP government of revocation of Article 370 because of the following points :

• The revocation of Article 370 needed the approval of the constituent assembly of Jammu and Kashmir. However, there is no assembly for now. The approval was obtained by the Governor, who was not sufficient.

• The process has been done without consulting the political leaders of Kashmir, who are under detention.

• The process of turning a state into union territory should not be an alienation.

• P Chidambaram, a leader in the opposition Congress Party called the decision a “catastrophic step” and warned in parliament that it would have serious consequences.

Edited by Prakriti Arora



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