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Indigo resumes India Thailand flights after 2 years.

Indigo resumes India to Thailand flights after 2 years

On Tuesday, Indigo airlines started flights from India to Thailand after 2 years.
Thailand opened its borders on 1st February 2022 for fully vaccinated travellers.

Thailand and many others had closed their borders in March 2020, for tourists because of COVID-19.
COVID-19 is an infectious disease that spreads due to human interaction. In March 2020 almost all the countries had announced a lockdown, and travel was banned, which is why even the airlines stopped their flights.

For a country like Thailand, where a major portion of GDP comes from tourism, it is an important move. The tourism sector stimulates investment in new infrastructure and generates employment at a large scale.

The pandemic and global lockdown was a massive blow to the livelihood of people who depended on tourism as well. Because of COVID-19, the country saw a fall in GDP up to 30%

This clearly shows the importance tourism holds for the Kingdom of Thailand.

It is an Indian airline that is low-cost and the biggest airline in India. Its head office is situated in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. InterGlobe Aviation Ltd. is doing business as IndiGo airlines. IndiGo was founded in the year 2006 by Rahul Bhatia and Rakesh Gangwal.

As per the reports of the year 2019, Indigo is the first airline to operate 1500-1600 flights every day.

On 1st February’2022, Thailand has opened its borders for fully vaccinated tourists from every country.
After the recent announcement of opened borders and flights by the Government, the airline will be resuming its flights. The flight will be connecting Bangkok with Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Kolkata. Whereas for Phuket, it will be connecting Delhi and Mumbai only.

The Central Government of India has announced that commercial international flights will start from 27th March 2022 in India, which is why the airline stated that till 26th March’22, it would operate the flight under air bubble agreement and afterwards as part of its standard commercial operations.

The travellers are supposed to be fully vaccinated. Also, according to the new rules and regulations, a traveller will need to produce a negative RT-PCR report before arrival to Thailand, and two more RT-PCR tests will be conducted –

1) after landing 

2) on the fifth day in Thailand.

Finally, after two years people can travel for and meet their loved ones 

Things you need to keep in mind while travelling to Thailand

COVID-19 is still there. Take all precautions while travelling. You need to provide a valid negative RT-PCR report at the airport. You will be tested after landing as well as on your fifth day in Thailand. After producing the vaccinated report, you won’t require any quarantine there.

Since the year 2020, tourists are not required to have a Thai visa. You can stay in Thailand for 30 days without a visa. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, you will require a Thailand pass which you can apply online on the official website.

Stay safe while travelling using a mask, sanitizer, etc.



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