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Chinese plane crash Live Updates: No survivors found in the crash of Chinese airliner with 132 on board

Chinese plane crash Live Updates: No survivors found in the crash of Chinese airliner with 132 onboard

No survivors were found in the crash of a Chinese airliner with 132 people on board, cleared by the broadcaster by China.

Chinese plane crash Live UpdatesOn Monday, according to the state media, the jet had 132 people on board crashed on a mountain that was completely Forest area, which was situated in southern China.

Also, it was said by the Chinese press there were no foreigners involved. It was Boeing 737-800 jet that got crashed, and because of this, China Eastern Airlines faced a loss and Regulatory scrutiny.

The regulatory scrutiny is not just the exigency of regulations, but it is the supervision and enforcement move.

On Tuesday, March 22, 2022, a photo was released by the Chinas Xinhua News Agency in which it was reported that the photo was about the plane crash which happened on the Tengxian County, which is located in southern China.

Chinese plane crash update

No one found it by Tuesday. Stated by the sources, it was one of the worst air disasters that have ever happened in China. The China Eastern Boeing 737-800 was seen in a closer nosedive before crashing near Wuzhou in the Sichuan province.  

Plane crash in China: No survivors among 133 on board Boeing jet | Marca Mentioned by the broadcast that after almost 15-16 hours, Detritus of the plane was seen at the site, and from the latest news, there was no contact between the airline’s authority and the plane that crashed.

The cause of the crash has still to be determined. Rescuers are finding survivors and the black box, which should contain data from the cockpit’s monitors and audio. Drones and a physical search, according to the report, would be deployed to try to find the black boxes, which include flight data and cockpit voice recorders that are critical to crash investigations.

Wrecked Planes across the globe

A world map created by AFP graphics depicts plane crashes that have resulted in at least 20 deaths or abductions in the last ten years, including one on March 21 in China. In southern China, a plane carrying 132 people smashes into a mountain.

No survivors found after crash of Chinese airliner: state mediaIt is to be expected that the fatal crash of a China Eastern Airlines 737-800 jeopardized Boeing’s plans to reclaim market share in the world’s largest aircraft market and achieve more than 140 737 MAX jets built for Chinese people.

A China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737 was involved in a crash around Wuzhou in the Guangxi province.

The cause of the crash is being investigated, according to China Eastern.

After catastrophic tragedies in Indonesia and Ethiopia more than three years ago, China was the first country to halt the 737 MAX. That is the only major market where the plane has not resumed commercial flights.

In China’s Eastern Collapse, no survivors found

Personal things like sludge wallets and bank cards were found on a hillside where 132 people are believed to have died when a China Eastern jet plummeted out of the sky and exploded in an inferno.

There were no victims, passengers or members of the crew.

Chinese Boeing jet carrying 132 crashes in mountains, 'no sign of survivors'  - NewsXWhat caused the plane to tumble out of the sky shortly before it would have finally commenced its descent to southern China’s county borough, Guangzhou was a mystery gathered at and arrival airports.

The flight was sailing at a regular cruising altitude of roughly 30,000 feet when it suddenly went into deep research, according to telemetry service.

Following the tragedy on Monday, Yicai, a Chinese financial media outlet is based in Shanghai’s economic hub, stated that China Eastern will halt all of its 737-800s pending impartial investigation. However, the airline did not confirm the instant action.

Rescue trucks, paramedics, and an emergency power vehicle were stationed near the collision site.

No survivors found in crash of Chinese airliner: State media - The Hindu  BusinessLineIn a statement to CBS News on Monday, the US Airport Authority said it was “aware of allegations that a China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737-800 airliner crashed” in China.

The 737-800 is part of Boeing’s “next-generation” 737 families, according to CBS News correspondent Kris Van Cleave. Since its first flight in 1997, more than 7,000 have been manufactured, with only 25 problems providing inoperable planes. 

No independent announcement of the number of deaths

There has been no official confirmation of the number of people to rescue teams searching through the wreckage of the Boeing flight that crashed on Monday.

There was still no word of survivors more than seven hours after communication with the jet was lost.

It’s the last specimen a Chinese commercial passenger plane crashed, killing civilians. A China Northwest Airlines crash in 1994 was the deadliest commercial flight crash, killing all 160 people who were on board. 

The deadliest Boeing 737-800 crash in January 2020, when Iran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard inadvertently shot down a Ukraine International Airlines flight, killing all 176 passengers and crew members that were on board.

According to Hassan Shahidi, head of the Flight Safety Foundation, the Boeing 737-800 has been flying since 1998 and has a good safety record. It’s an older model than the 737 Max, which has been suspended for over two years following two tragic disasters in 2018 and 2019.

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