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Airbus in talks with Tata’s Indian carriers for A-350 aircraft

Airbus in talks with Tata

Airbus, a manufacturer of European aircraft, is in talks with Tata Group and Indian airlines to reach an agreement to purchase their A350XWB wide-body aircraft, said Airbus India and South Asia President and CEO Remi Mailllard said Monday.

At present, the Tata Group operates four Indian airlines, namely Air India, Air India Express, Vistara and AirAsia India. Only Vistara and Air India have jumbo jets in their fleet in India.

Wide-body aircraft like the A350XWB have larger fuel tanks allowing them to fly longer distances than narrow-body aircraft like the A320NEO.

Airbus is pitching its flagship A350 XWB to the TATAs and other Indian  operators-Here's what we know • 100 KnotsA350XWBs can fly more than 8,000 nautical miles, with a flight time of about 18 hours in a single flight.

When asked if Airbus was in talks with Tata and Indian airlines about the A350XWB purchase, Maillard said: “Obviously we are in talks with all airlines. New owner. of Air India Tatas is an existing customer of Airbus.”

Vistara and AirAsia India are operated by Tata’s as we know it. We have developed a long-standing, trusted and respected relationship with the Tata Group,” he said during a press conference here.

Airbus in talks with Tata Group, Indian carriers for A350XWB aircraftIt is said that Maillard of Tatas is also a defence partner of Airbus.

We are jointly industrialization and production of the C295 military transport aircraft for the Indian Air Force (IAF),” he noted.

“We will, of course, be delighted to continue to support the Tata Group’s ambitions in aviation across its entire range of operations,” he added.

He said that India’s wide-body jet fleet has remained stagnant over the past 20 years.

The single-aisle fleet has grown sixfold over the same period, is noted by him.

We expect an average annual growth of 6.2% for air traffic from India. The global average is 3.9%, noted Mr Maillard.

Airbus in talks with Tata for deal on A350XWB aircraftIt is also said that Airbus is quite bullish in the international long-haul market outside of India.

It is believed the next-generation aircraft, the A350, will be the driving force behind this revolution in the international long-haul market, DG.

A350XWB adds the aircraft has between 300 and 410 seats in a three-class configuration. It has full LED mood lighting and larger hanging bins.

Airbus says that the A350XWB has the quietest cabin and burns 25% less fuel than any wide-body aircraft.

Earlier this month, Tata Sons chairman N Chandrasekaran was appointed chairman of Air India. However, Tata Sons have yet to name the CEO and CEO of Air India.

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